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Q - What products do you use?

A - I keep my kit stocked with many different professional makeup and skincare brands, such as M.A.C, Make Up For Ever, Bobbi Brown, NARS and Chanel, as well as airbrush makeup. I use luxury brand and professional products that I have tested for quality and longevity, and that will photograph perfectly.

Q - How do I know that my makeup will last?
A - I have various primers in my kit for the eyes, face and lips that I layer to ensure that you will get the longest wear possible, while still appearing freshly applied hours later, as well as setting sprays and powders. For brides, I do recommend scheduling a trial session to make sure that the makeup lasts, as everyone's skin reacts differently to different products.

Q - Do you have any tips for me to prepare for my trial session with you?
A - Yes! It is very helpful for you to find some images in magazines, or online that you are attracted to.  These will give me an idea of what you like, or what your makeup style is, at least for a starting point if you are not completely sure.  Keep in mind that the best images will be of models who are close to you in skin tone and features/bone structure.  

Q - I have highly sensitive/reactive skin.  Do you have products that will not cause an allergic reaction on my skin?
A - I do try to make sure that all of my products are hypo-allergenic, and non-comedogenic.  However, I cannot guarantee that it will not react with your skin, especially if you are highly sensitive.  I am more than happy to use your own personal products in this case, that you know have worked for you in the past.

Q - I don't usually wear much makeup, and prefer a very natural look. Why do I need a makeup artist? Will I still look like "myself"?
A - I know where you are coming from! I am pretty natural/low key myself (most of the time!). But I can do wonders in improving your skin tone/texture, giving your eyes just enough definition in photos, and giving you a youthful glow!  Most of my clients remark how good their skin feels after a makeup application, almost as if there is no makeup on it at all.  I will never make you look cakey, clownlike or garish!  Just yourself, only better:)

Q - I really like the makeup that you used on me.  Is it available for purchase?
A - While I cannot sell you the makeup from my kit, I would be happy to recommend some products to you and tell you the best place to buy them!  

Q - What if I don't like my makeup? 
A - I hope that will never happen, and it usually never does, because I take a lot of time to investigate exactly the look that you want.  I do recommend trials for this reason, especially for brides!  The trial allows us to work through all of the little details of what you do and don't like, to ensure that you are 100% satisfied on the day of your event.

Q - Do you offer a la carte services?  What if I just want my eyes/lips/foundation done?
A - No, unfortunately I do not offer a la carte services.  A key part to my technique in makeup applications, is taking into account your ENTIRE face, and ALL of your features to make them harmonious and work together.

Q - What is included in a makeup application, and how long does it take?
A - A makeup application includes (1 hour/bridal and event makeup):
​*A consultation with me about your desired look, and what you would like to emphasize and downplay, as well as any sensitivities/skin issues that may need extra coverage or treatment.
*Customized skincare application and priming of the eyes, face, and lips
*Eyebrow reshaping and filling to best frame your eye
*Sculpting the facial structures by highlighting and contouring to bring out your best features
*Eye makeup application based on your eye shape to bring out the most flattering proportions, and colors based on the color wheel to make your eye color "pop"
*Eyelash application selected for your eye shape and desired effect
*Lip and cheek color custom blended
*Facial Setting spray


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